In the academic year 2020-2021, Management Science class K18, Department of Management Science under the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Science, Thai Nguyen University is honored to receive 2 foreign students. from Lao People's Democratic Republic, it's friends Phonesavath PHILARMAKHOT and Kammanee SOULINAPALO. Since coming to Vietnam, Vietnamese friends have named the Vietnamese name for PHILARMAKHOT as Thu Huong and SOULINAPALO as May.

Being charming and easy-going is what everyone feels when interacting with Thu Huong and May. To prepare for university study in Vietnam, you have not long time to study Vietnamese preparatory language (12 months), but both of them have the ability to communicate in Vietnamese fluently and fluently. as it does not encounter any barriers in communication problem. as it does not encounter any barriers in communication problem. When asked why she chose to study Management Science at TNUS, Thu Huong said: “We chose to study Management Science because it is a very important subject. Every organization, at any stage, present or future, needs management. We are very eager to learn about Human Resource Management, Administration, Enterprise Management majors of Management Science ”.

Like the Lao students studying at the University of Science, Thu Huong and May cannot avoid the surprises in their new environment, but with the attention of the school's administrators, faculty leaders / The subject and the K18 Management Science class, until now, Thu Huong and May have integrated well with the new learning environment, Ms. May shared: “Since starting studying at the University of Science, The teachers in the school and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities helped us very wholeheartedly, the friends were very friendly and helped us quickly integrate into a new environment, we feel no longer confused and worried.listen while studying and living away from home ”.

In addition to the classroom study program, in order to help students have the opportunity to practice communication skills, hone professional skills, right from the first year, the students of KHQL18 class went to the Easter Center.Public Administration Department of Thai Nguyen Province.When asked about their feelings on the field trip, Phonesavath PHILARMAKHOT and Kammanee SOULINAPALO said that they enjoyed understanding more about their fields, being guided through administrative procedures, and trained.communication skills, have a chance to better understand Vietnamese office culture… etc

Not only interested in learning activities, the Lao students in Management Science also actively participated in activities launched by the Youth Union and the school's student union such as tree planting New Year activities, environmental sanitation.School in the Dormitory or cleaning the school campus.All these activities help you to understand more about the country and people of Vietnam, and to love more about the University of Science.

The way ahead is still challenging, but we believe that with the direction of the school, the faculty, the innovation in the Management Science curriculum along with the courage, will and energy, the international students.Laos will accumulate a lot of useful knowledge and skills necessary to return to serve the beautiful homeland of Laos.


Practicing KHQLK18 teachers and students at Thai Nguyen's Center for Public Development

Guiding people to do administrative procedures at the Public Center for Public Works in Thai Nguyen province